Beacon Terrace Homeowners Association, Inc.

2425 Harden Blvd. Lakeland Florida 33803

BTHOA Contact Information

Community Office Numbers:.

Phone: 863-687-1695  
Fax: 863-682-7251
Email the office

Community Manager: 
Lisa Peardon
Office Assistant:
Jalaine Dity
Community Maintenance
Jim Gumbs
After-hours Emergency Maintenance: 
Voice/Beeper: 863-514-9451.

Social Committee:
Membership Information and Dues:

Sherry Defrancisco: Lot 215

Care Committee:
Sarah Kaplan: Lot 251

Welcome Committee:
Sarah Kaplan: Lot 251

Beacon Terrace HOA: 
Membership Information and Dues:

Cathy Nicholson: Lot 12

Tours & Travel Activities:
Bev Furno: Lot 64

Federation of Mobile Home Owners of Florida:
Membership Information and Dues:

Alice Murray: Lot 72

The Beacon:
Pam Murphy: Lot 289
Email Pam 

Resident Directory:
Sandy Lander: Lot 60

Steve Murphy: Lot 289: 
Email Steve 

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